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About Kimberly Smajstrla LAc, BS, ACN, CWK, CCI

Kimberly is a Licensed Acupuncturist, earning a Master’s in Oriental Medicine in 2002, from the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin.  She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Northern Illinois University.  Kimberly is certified as an Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Wholistic Kinesiologist, Comprehensive Iridologist, Detox Specialist, Reiki Master and Angel Card Reader. Kimberly opened Rising Sun Acupuncture in Lago Vista, in 2003, after graduating.  More recently, in 2011, she opened an office in Fredericksburg. ___________________________________________________

Everyone always asks me how I got interested in acupuncture.  It began with a random visit to the mall back in 1998, which changed my life’s path forever.  Unexpectedly at the mall that day there was a psychic fair.  I had never talked to a psychic before, but something inside of me was curious.  What could she possibly tell me? As the psychic JoAnn Fabritz, read the tarot cards that were spread across the table in front of us, she picked up my hands and held them in hers.  I remember her hands felt so warm.  She told me I had healing energy flowing in my hands and to use that energy to help others.  She told me I was off my life’s path, wasting my time at a job I hated.  She recommended taking a “Reiki” class, a Japanese system of energy healing, that I had never heard of.   I was skeptical of her advice, but the next day I called to set up a reiki treatment for myself to see what this energy healing was all about. The reiki treatment I received was more powerful than anything I had ever experienced before.  Afterwards, I remember walking back to my home touching the skin on my arms with my fingers because it felt so strange.  It was as if I could actually feel every cell in my body for the first time.  When I woke the next morning, I knew I was onto something very interesting.  This experience led me to become a certified Reiki Master.

Through the reiki classes I met several wonderful people and started attending a reiki circle weekly.  At one meeting I met Dr. Jack Miller, an intriguing psychologist looking for participants to come to his upcoming seminar “Healing Your Losses.”  He facilitated the “Phoenix Project” a twelve week comprehensive rite of passage for emotional and spiritual growth.  I immediately knew I was supposed to do this Phoenix Project, but had no idea what I had signed up for. The next twelve weeks were some of the most emotionally intense of my life as I processed feelings about my past in order to heal any grief and loss that I had endured.  To facilitate the natural healing process during the twelve weeks, I befriended someone who was dying, wrote down all my dreams, painted several creative expressions, volunteered, meditated, received shiatsu massage, shared my deepest feelings with others, and more.  The Phoenix Project changed my life.  I felt truly alive and inspired, and wanted to share this healing experience with others. During the Phoenix Project, I especially loved the shiatsu massage I received, and decided to take a massage class.  They also offered a class on Chinese Medicine, so I signed up for that too.  The massage class was good, but I discovered a greater passion for Chinese Medicine.  My instructor was a Licensed Acupuncturist in Chicago so I went to see him for my first acupuncture treatment.  He explained to me how  acupuncture could help relieve the stress I had from my job, and I could help strengthen my body through diet & lifestyle choices.  I realized pretty quickly that this is what I wanted to do with my life.  There were no acupuncture schools in Chicago, so my instructor recommended a school, AOMA, in Austin, Texas.  The next thing I know I’m quitting my job, leaving all my friends and moving to Austin to go back to school.  I was definitely taking a risk by starting over, but I finally felt like I was back on my true life’s path.

I really enjoyed my acupuncture classes.  A year after moving to Austin I was married.  We built a home in Point Venture, Texas and were blessed with two beautiful little boys.  I loved being a Mommy.  Life was good.  Four years after moving to Austin I graduated from AOMA in 2002.  I opened my first office in 2003 in Lago Vista.  In 2007, I moved my office to become part of the North Shore Holistic Center on Dawn Drive in Lago Vista.  In 2011, I opened a new office in Fredericksburg, Texas.

I am constantly learning more about the human body, nutrition and healing. As an Applied Clinical Nutritionist, I inspire my patients combining my knowledge of Oriental Medicine and Herbal Medicine, with my passion for nutrition and whole food supplementation. More recently, I completed a certification in Wholistic Kinesiology, taking classes in Albuquerque, NM.  I learned new techniques to release emotional blockages, testing methods for methylation/DNA issues, and so much more.  It feels like the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to be able to offer healing for the complete soul – physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

As we all know life can have its share of disappointments as well, like so many others, my married life came to an end in 2008.  It was a very difficult time, but my boys and I have persevered. And the very good news is, with patience, lots of prayers, and some good karma, in September 2011, I met my soul mate – Todd Smajstrla. We are happily married, living in Fredericksburg, appreciating all we have and looking forward to the future together.  All the experiences in my past, positive and negative, have prepared me for my life’s work.  I plan to spend the rest of my days in the beautiful hill country of Fredericksburg, climbing Enchanted Rock, relaxing at the lake, and practicing this amazing medicine.  I hope you will entrust me with your care, and allow me to show you the numerous possibilities of a healthier, happier life!

Sincerely, Kimberly A. Smajstrla LAc, BS, ACN, CWK, CCI