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I use a unique style of acupuncture for pain relief called “Meridian Balancing.”  A lot of acupuncturists in the United States use a method where needles are inserted directly into the area of pain.  The problem with this approach is that one always runs the risk of aggravating the pain and the results are not usually seen immediately.  With the Balance Method, pain relief usually occurs within minutes after needle insertion so you know the treatment is effective immediately.  The acupuncture points used are typically from the elbows to the fingers, from the knees to the toes, on the scalp and the ears.  I also include cupping in the treatment, especially for back & neck pain, if it’s appropriate.

All treatment begins with a proper diagnosis, which takes place during your first visit.  I spend quality time getting a complete picture of your health and lifestyle. I examine the condition of your tongue (is it cracked, coated, excessively pink? etc.), and check your pulse on both wrists (the quality of your pulse gives information about possible imbalances).  I’ll also ask questions about your emotional state, and specific symptoms you may have.  This is done because unlike typical Western medicine treatments, I like to treat the whole person.  Instead of merely focusing on the symptoms of your condition, I treat the underlying cause of those symptoms.

I also utilize the latest in computer technology through Zyto Biocommunication, to access information from your body that is used to make better decisions about your health.  This is recommended as part of your initial visit.   I feel it is an invaluable tool to help determine which of your organ systems are balanced, stressed or weak.  (Please find more information under the Zyto Biocommunication page.)

The initial visit with diagnosis and acupuncture, can last from an hour, to an hour and a half.  Your subsequent visits will be usually an hour long. I will make a short review of your progress followed by an acupuncture treatment.

I will also typically prescribe whole food nutritional supplements, chinese herbal formulas and/or homeopathics. A few of my favorites brands are Systemic Formulas, Standard Process, Premier Research Labs, Biotics, Healthforce Nutritional powders, New Chapter Zyflamend, Liddell Homeopathics, and Lidtke CBD.  I use patent herbal formulas in pill form.  Herbs are always prescribed in a balanced formula, where different herbs have supporting effects. Thousands of years of use and research have shown that this is far more effective than large doses of a single substance.

Typically acupuncture treatments are given once a week. If the condition is acute and painful, treatments may be given 2-3 times per week until the condition starts to come under control. The exact duration of treatment depends on the condition, your basic level of health, and how well you respond to acupuncture.

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